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Tenancy Service

Why clean with ABC Property Services?

A lot is at stake when coming to the end of your tenancy. With a financial bond (deposit) at stake, as well as your future references for your next rental, it’s critical to meet the terms of your tenancy, and leave the premises spick & span!

We can come to spruce up your house, flat, or apartment in time for moving out, or just after you leave. Grubby bathrooms, greasy kitchens, dirty ovens, as well as hand marks, and dirty carpets:

We will agree a detailed list of areas you’d like us to ‘fix’ in time for the landlord’s inspection, and carry this out at a time to suit you.


  • Bathrooms
  • Lounge & Dining areas
  • Kitchens / Oven & appliance cleans
  • Walls
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Communal areas
  • Windows
  • Garden areas

If required, we’ll take photos before and after, as well as issuing a declaration of our attendance, and the areas cleaned (this can be useful in disputes). Landlords too – if your property has been left in an unsatisfactory condition, you can call us for a quick turnaround quotation, and completion.

We understand how important it is to have the premises looking it’s best for the next tenant, or for agency viewings.

Domestic Cleaning